Clinic Policies

Our goal is to continue to provide quality individualized medical care for all our patients in a timely manner.  

Due to the high demand for appointments/Veterinary Care and the increase in No Call No Show’s for appointments, we are enforcing the appointment policies below. No call no shows for appointments are a dis-service to our current clients, pets, and our community as that time could have been utilized for a patient in need of veterinary care. This policy was made to allow more pets to be seen and medical care provided to pets in our community.

New clients/ patient policy: 

Please send ALL previous records, and current vaccine status prior to your pet’s first appointment.  They can be sent via email (preferred) to [email protected] OR via fax to 920-725-9040.  All new clients will be asked to make a deposit for your pet’s appointment at the time of scheduling. Additionally, for all surgical, or preprocedural-related appointments, a deposit will be asked at the time of scheduling to hold your pet’s time slot for surgery.  This varies for no-call no-shows and clients that have been inactivated.  Please see Inactivated and No call no show client policies.

Scheduled Procedures, Surgeries, and Dentals: 

All surgical procedures and dental procedures require a non-refundable $100 deposit to be made prior to the day of the procedure, at the time of scheduling. If you need to reschedule and reschedule 1 full day prior to the scheduled procedure, your deposit will remain credited to your account. If you cancel the morning of your pet’s appointment, the deposit will be voided and not credited to your account. In the event you forget and feed your pet the morning of your pet’s procedure, please first, call the clinic and see if we can still facilitate the procedure later in the day. If we cannot complete the surgery due to feeding, your surgical deposit will be re-used, and you will need to reschedule your pet’s procedure.

For urgent surgeries or procedures, the low end of the estimate is due prior to surgical induction. Please ask for the low-end total of your estimate to make an accurate procedure/surgical deposit. If you no-call no-show once for a surgery or procedure, you will be required to pay the low end of your estimate.

Cancellation Policy: 

If it is necessary for you to cancel your scheduled appointment, please call with a 24-hour advanced notice.  We understand things come up; if you are sick or have an urgent need to cancel, please communicate this with our team as soon as possible. We would be happy to work with you on getting your appointment rescheduled.  Informing us at your earliest convenience will allow us to help another pet and family in need.   If they cancel their appointment within the 24 hours, or cancel the day of your appointment, the $25 deposit will be voided and applied to the DVM that gave their scheduled time to their pet.  

Rescheduling your appointment/inclement weather: 

If it is necessary for you to reschedule your pet’s appointment, please call within 24 hours. We understand things come up; if you are sick or have an urgent need to reschedule, please communicate this with our team. We would be happy to work with you on getting your appointment rescheduled. Please see our news section on our website for updates on our COVID-19 policy. 

Late appointment policies:

Non-negotiable: Appointments that arrive later than 7 minutes will be asked to reschedule.  Late appointments carry over into the next appointment. We need to respect the time of those pets that also need our services.  

No Call No Show policies:  

You will be required to make a pre-paid deposit for any appointment scheduled for the duration of one year after a no-call no-show. If you are in good standing for one year (no NCNS) you will no longer be required to make a pre-paid deposit.  This is a Non-REFUNDABLE deposit that will go towards your exam/ service fee. If you no-call no-show two times, you will be inactivated as a client and will need to be reinstated prior to refilling medications, food, or scheduling appointments of service.

To be reinstated as a client:  

We understand things happen and would be happy to get you and your pets reinstated.   If your pet needs a service, you must pre-pay for the pet’s full intended service exam (Wellness, Sick/ consult, urgent etc.).   If your pet needs medications and is UP TO DATE with an ANNUAL exam- you may pay a $15 reinstatement fee.  This will activate your pet(s) that are UP TO DATE with their ANNUAL exam and allow further refills and medical services to be rendered.    

We ask that you call us promptly if you know you will not be on time or need to reschedule. We can be reached at 920-725-8307.  We thank you for your continued support and understanding.